Entrepreneurs reflect 3 times the entrepreneurial failure of the 2 those difficulties and lessons

was born in 86 years of entrepreneur Jiang Hui, the founder of the company, for 09 years the two companies collapse again in 2009 to do the Internet online education business, sales of nearly 10 million, but because new products did not keep up, the company was sold. 2012 third venture, annual sales of 1 years to reach 20 million. In the 3 entrepreneurial process, he has encountered any difficulties? What experience gained?


following entrepreneur Jiang Hui oral:

my entrepreneurial experience is divided into three sections.

first, the plight of entrepreneurship and ignorance

in 2007 to see the Focus Media in the domestic special fire, when both Metro media, hospital media, public transport media, LED all with the fire up, are able to dream of a listed company. And I was fearless ignorance, there is also an opportunity to get a Suzhou real estate group to invest 3 million of the cultural industry funds.

was the reason why can get such a high investment, because we start at the same time with a company in Hangzhou, got Softbank, CDH invested tens of millions of dollars, and we went to visit Hangzhou, we design the model with them almost as like as two peas video on, is in the shop (called "urban fashion media"). Then sell advertising.

Hangzhou this enterprise that will be in the shop 100 thousand video, has become a Focus Media (demassification is Softbank investment). When the focus is on the number of video acquisition of focus media, so we think we have a chance to be divided, but should have the opportunity to become (acquired) target media. So we started to get 3 million "500 video" in all the big shops in Nanjing, and even friends we examine, we also follow the video shop in Taiyuan, Changsha City, to unite to make the business in Hangzhou to buy.

I think at that time, we should have the ability to Softbank CDH than good resolution project or project

!Unfortunately, the

business model has the inherent defects, easy video shop, but advertisers do not buy it. Hangzhou, the company in the country hit tens of thousands of video (a large amount of money has been voted down), and found that the problem, and we have worked hard, very few advertisers agree with our advertising effectiveness. Finally, in 09 years we have fallen.

later I analyzed the failure at that time, wrote an article called "the plight and ignorance of young entrepreneurs," online reproduced N million.

first venture encountered those pits:

1, the project itself is in a mature industry, not on the tuyere. The most essential can be seen, the audience has not spread the video. If it is a good project, the public should take the initiative to seize;

2, operating companies, the importance of resources is extremely important. We didn’t think about it

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