The webmaster lecture three QQ group = customer speaker exile

webmaster exchange group lectures QQ group 17770150  every night at 8:30 to invite grassroots elite speech website operators to promote profit experience

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, in fact, we do not simply put it (your site) as a tool for your money, or how you want to replace him, right, that is, as his best brother.

after you do a good job, to do a little, try to get a few groups. I don’t want to know the importance of a group of people who can also know what the role of the right ~ ~; it is in the inside with your customers more exchanges, the long train each other’s feelings,

I’ve said before this lesson that Uncle Ben is going to talk about catching a client’s mind, right? What is the heart, it is clear that you have to pay the feelings of

feelings in the hearts of your grasp of the feelings of the important thing is to move, we can not forget. Figure Wang is a good example of

I remember ~ ~ (03 years ago) I prefer to go to a forum, is a small forum, there is no sub section above, but also 4~5, but this topic is quite popular

why ~ ~ it is because of what the webmaster is very aware of how we have just started to visit his forum for small Internet users interact

he had a good idea. That is, he is very enthusiastic to help people who need help, he put his QQE sister to stay on the page. Let you add. Who love who, through his QQ does not check the


well, I just met him right ~ ~ if in accordance with the general public for a move is not very people who just know the birds, especially friends, including our group has a certain GG is also true! It would be wrong to do so. I went on to say ha ~ ~ I am a bit slow ~ ~ ~ ~ we do not mind ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I will play a lot of words we do not need so long!


you have just met a customer, you should show the enthusiasm of 9 points! Treat him as your own brother, see buddy, brother call up, do not mean to say so few words. Do you feel he ~ Hey this small talk will be very ~ ~ good grace I future after your site pull. Because he also treats you as a brother ~ ~ support his brother said to be willing to do ah ~ so that the customer = brother   this concept is right

why do I say it’s 9 points of enthusiasm, not the usual point of the 10 or 100 percent. Because very few people can do, so it is very good to do 9 points, you can do a good enough to pull the 9 points. I have said before, we want to do in the station when the application of several groups

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