The couple do Wangzhuan to prevent K

K today to anti Wangzhuan experience with you to make friends talk about how to prevent the K!


has a lot of new people, do a Wangzhuan project, after a break time was K, he puzzled, but the heart with reason, also have their own, Wangzhuan companies also have their own greed, sometimes do more harm caused, is sometimes a small Wangzhuan company heart! So today is some basic knowledge about K, you listen to Wangzhuan Wangzhuan rookie, veteran please spare for


now there are a lot of people do is done by K, they do not understand, it is very innocent, what reason?

below is some of my little experience from the online collection

1, the first thing you want to do is a liar site. Your first mistake is to choose it, the second error is to request payment. If you do not want money, perhaps some live long.

so, a request to pay immediately after applying for payment! Perhaps this is the touchstone!


2, the problem is that you cheated. You may think that webmasters do not know, ha ha, in fact, there are too many means to find out you cheat. Look at the webmaster is really lazy or very food. If you really met such a bad webmaster, please tell me, I really want to see, such a webmaster life is very short, very rare!

3, click on the cheat link. This is often make Wangzhuan rookie mistakes, now many webmaster is very clever, deliberately in the normal connection put some hidden cheating connection! There is no way to write for the webmaster, let you go do. Be careful later.


4, computer ADSL for IP technical reasons. Domestic IP is not allocated to individuals, especially ADSL, every time you disconnect the network is likely to change the connection. If you just run out of this IP, another person to use this IP to do the same site with you, sorry, bad luck, it is likely to be considered cheating, your account may be deleted at the same time.

5, the development of the development of offline. The general assembly is not involved in cheating you, but if you’re in your same residential buildings, with a block, or campus network with a school, LAN colleagues in development of the line, this is not a good way. The same reason one, your IP is likely to be reused or the same, will be regarded as cheating, not provoke over their downline.

, 6 developed countries posing as Wangzhuan people. Don’t pretend to be registered in the United States and canada. Although the value of China’s region is low, but also stronger than No. Unless you have a very advanced means, or the other party is very food, even if you use the agent, will be found. Check your method is more, do not think too foreigners "foreigners".

7, registration information chaos. Don’t want people to know, can

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