One does not give up the webmaster in the mother union month earn 3000 yuan

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with the network, the establishment of the threshold is more and more, just download a source can build a website, a lot of people want to make money through the website, can build a station, but how to make money do not know how to start?.

see how I’ve jumped from 300 in a month to a month in. 08 years, I used Discuz to build a class forum, playing with, and later someone out of the price of the price to buy my domain name out of 10 thousand and 4. I took 14 thousand yuan, alone came to another city, rented a house, pull broadband, ready to do a good job, was too naive oh.

want to earn income through advertising, promotion and publicity after numerous efforts until finally when the settlement, but was closed. Poor。 The change companies, have a month down to 300 dollars, deduction amount and buckle badly, a friend advised me to give up! Even pick up litter than you do the site is strong. Yes, a month to earn 300 fast even rent can not afford. Since the establishment of the site, a lot of friends, in their encouragement and support, I insist on down.

was later introduced by friends, ah, my mother in the League a good try, I hold a desperate attitude to apply, after 2 days of audit, and finally see through the audit. I made a 10 ad, the price of 80 yuan per ad a week, the past 2 days did not even one person to buy, the 3 day, the 4 day, or no one to buy. Until the morning of the sixth day, the habit of opening my website, check the advertising, found a gray white has been the purchase of advertising signs, is illegal to believe his eyes, oh 10 ads were all sold out. Calculate, a month actually have 3200 dollars.

learned a truth in this, as long as you do not give up, success is not far away from you. Some people say a word, do not give up success there is%50

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please keep this link and this statement, contrary to this reserved, ah mom ad.

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