Multitray Entrepreneurs to raise public business for three months the pit fresh electricity supplie


electricity supplier of fresh food is known as the field of electronic commerce at the end of a "blue ocean", this will be the market capacity of the largest, most potential, the most opportunities in a field, but also a difficulty of fresh electricity supplier biggest field, because talent reserve, product loss, standardization, products, cold chain logistics the last mile distribution and so on, these factors have seriously restricted the development of the electricity supplier of fresh, with the media’s words, Chinese 3000 fresh electricity supplier without a profit.

we are beginning to raise all the chips in July 2014, 60 people invested a total of $50 thousand per person, to obtain a quota of 50 thousand of the product and the project must be original shares. We raise the venture choose fresh food e-commerce, but also the most difficult areas of relatively fresh fruits and characteristics of Xinjiang. In Xinjiang and, we chose the most difficult operation of three single product: Hami melon, Kashi prunes and grapes in Turpan. We Hami within one week sales of 5000 boxes, produced 1 million of sales; Kashi prunes in 2 days was sold for 2000 pieces, produced nearly 400 thousand of sales, because of the shortage of quality supply and stop the sale; 2000 sales of Turpan grapes in 3 days, the nearly 300 thousand of sales. Although we have made some achievements, but there are more problems, and these problems are also the difficulty of the operation of fresh electricity supplier. After three months of running, we have the operating experience to share out a replay, with all the care and attention of our friends


a sustainable model

recently with some investor friends analysis, asking what is our business model, what are the barriers to competition, imagine how much space, grow where, together to help us sort of our business model, here to share.

We are positioning

mobile Internet based on the direct supply of fresh products from community business platform, the first is based on the mobile Internet, mobile Internet and the PC Internet is essentially different, and PC computer connected to the Internet, PC is the tool to work, while mobile Internet connecting people, also in the field of electricity supplier the mobile Internet is mainly caused by strong sales behavior and the relationship between people or weak ties, rather than the traditional mall or promotion.

is the location of the fresh products, the range of our products, we mainly do fresh specialty products based in Xinjiang as an example, Turpan grapes, Korla pear, Akesu apple, Yecheng candy pomegranate, Yili lavender, Hetian jade jujube of Kunlun chrysanthemum, is very a good product, each with its own characteristics. Which country each province has its own specialty, especially the geographical indication products, due to various factors such as the local climate, the humanities and the formation of well-known products, but the lack of smooth sales channels, only in the local digest.

origin direct supply, this is our difference >

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