To build the new owners from Wangzhuan rookie within one month

I am an unemployed 80, recently at home is very boring, Baidu in the network to make money playing the words is so few words, let me learn a sour, sweet, bitter, hot. Baidu, the first station first I seem to see a lot of Wangzhuan forum, so as to do Wangzhuan postings, never contact Wangzhuan novice I seem to see the first sunlight. Try Wangzhuan Road, first I choose easy to understand and click on the money, I think we all do it, I do the more, but I’m not too long to give up since the time of payment is a Swindlers Company cheat, I think, a novice just contact Wangzhuan, where the world understand network secretly. Think about yourself now. Here is to remind those who just contact Wangzhuan friends, do not do what to pull off the assembly line lower Wangzhuan project, I really want to own Wangzhuan is developed, waiting for people to introduce to you when you have no money.

I have almost all kinds of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, almost all tried hard, but the time of labor will not change to the point of bitterness value. I not only did not earn a penny, but also wasted a lot of my energy, I haggard. Once, I saw a forum post, like free training, and then pay it, is to teach you how to do to make money, when I saw this post. The first thought is to make money is OK, but the company’s intentions seem wrong. So I did not choose to let him teach me how to build the site, because I do not know the site is a bit of knowledge, some professional words I do not seem to understand, so I teach is a problem. But I still did not choose the team to create wealth. I think it’s a liar. So when I know we can make money, I immediately went to the Baidu know the posts, who really know there are good people willing to help me, of course I am not completely to teach others. First introduce my site:;;

asked a lot of people. Ask little by little. We need the space since even began to do not know what is, is really one of the fog, I learn the learning almost a week. I started with a free space and a top corn. The foreign space is still very slow ah, now I know why you don’t have a free space, the space is not 10 days will not open, it was sealed, so I decided to buy cheap hosting site, my journey began. I just started learning how to pull the collected articles, I feel very happy, because I thought after the article without manual pull, so I almost put the volume of space to collect full, a station a day finished, ha ha, afterwards just know my station is super station. A month has not been included in Baidu.

so I understand pull, is my goal is not clear. No theme no thought. Not professional enough. So I bought second more corn and more space. Ready to build this station. Time no longer pays attention. I from >

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