Brief talk about the experience of making money in the short term by the novice of Taobao

network to make money, guizaijianchi. But adhere to the word, can also be called stubborn, stubborn means, not easily change their understanding, adhere to the end. Therefore, although we must adhere to, but adhere to cooperate with the skills, with the vision, the last can be called persistence. Taobao customer is the same, if you do not master the skills and methods, just stubbornly sticking, then it does not make money, it can not be called to, therefore, making money at the same time, to actively listen to the views of others, learn advanced experience, which can be faster and better to make money.

today I will teach you a few relatively simple experience.

1: where there are more people, you can make money.

any industry is in the service, therefore, a lot of people, that is, the most profitable place. Taobao is the same, if you want to make money through Taobao customers, then you need to be able to find the most places, and then sell your Taobao customer goods, earnings. Perhaps some friends think of QQ group, friends group, etc.. In fact, this is wrong. The real crowd in the chat room. Network chat rooms and QQ group, like the square and the road. The people on the square are all casual and relaxed people. And the road, it is a passing traveller. Leisure people can have the time and energy to listen to you tell about the strength of the product, and the road will not have the time and energy. Although it is a lot of people, but to see the size of its liquidity for effective promotion.

two: stick to the crowd, such as highly concentrated and very small liquidity promotion.

has just said that many people on the place to make money, and more people and less mobility, there is more money to earn. Baidu post bar and so on, is a good place. We can go to some shopping and so on, look, where there is a very good popularity, but also a group of people who have already purchased the desire, if you do not use it, it is not a waste. To understand the rational use of post bar and other organizations, for effective promotion, so that their own Taobao customers can really make money.

three: money, health, money to make money, is to make money at all.

stupid people, rely on the ability to make money. A wise man makes money by himself. And businessmen, it is to make money to the extreme. And Taobao off, it also belongs to the ranks, so you have to know how to make money with money. For example, your Taobao passenger site was established in the absence of any traffic situation, it is necessary to know how to get traffic through a variety of publicity, but the best way, but also to spend money to buy traffic. For example, if your site is selling Taobao guest Wangzhuan tutorial class, then you can to Wangzhuan site to buy advertising, buy traffic. For example, 58 ad task network, you can buy some traffic here, and here you are Wangzhuan member, you can get a good promotion effect. Another example A5 Webmaster Station, if you sell the space domain name and other things, you can go to the station to spend money to buy advertising, publicity.

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