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    editor’s note below is a network often deceptive so-called Internet surfing is just to make money, cheat small Internet friends, but after several years of literary temper, but so to delete, retained, we do other aspects of promotion, may be used.

  the following is my personal experience, I swear by personality, every word is true. Please read patiently!
        now I am still in college, school last year this time soon, I wish to have a new computer on its own, but also opened a broadband in the dormitory, so I began to crazy bubble net, but in January I was aware of their Internet spending a threat to the life! And then started my online part-time money making history. After the word search know Wangzhuan, there are 3 kinds of
  the second is another matter): free registration such as a NEWSBAR member, when the Internet opened his client software, it will pay you the so-called click advertising, and the website allows you to do the investigation for registration. One by one, for example, the NEWSBAR class called surfing Wangzhuan, I do, not what benefits, one day I spent 12 hours continuous income points worth 1 yuan of money, not to mention a few minutes to re login, click save, annoying; and do the investigation, who registered the opportunity is not often, money is very little. I began to consider
third " 58 " interactive network; Wangzhuan, everyone is a so-called MLM network " ".
          then I spent two days after the 58 interactive Wangzhuan content and thought, I realized that this is likely to be the opportunity! So the heart a horizontal exchange of 80 dollars, I opened a proxy site and start my new career wangzhuan. But half a month down, I just pulled a downline, got a few dollars of advertising costs, agents of the goods did not sell out. You are not making life back, nervous. He had to give up Wangzhuan, suspend the broadband, go out and play work, work is not really easy, by suffering and poverty, involvement, somehow survived. I can go back to the Spring Festival on the Internet, and registered the adventure island play >

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