On the CPS alliance model of famous B2C websites in China

as everyone knows, from the United States AMAZON to the domestic Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, whitening skin spring B2C online shopping brands are relying on low-cost strategy to get started, and the traditional market share by industry peers or competitors online price war. Low price strategy can help enterprises to enter the market. Of course, they are based on the network and profitability and their respective CPS alliance model is inseparable, let us look at their respective CPS alliance strategy for learning and reference.

Jingdong: Jingdong

mall mall CPS development model is by joining the site scale to achieve the scale of advertising sales, net sales sales amount according to the statistics of the effective purchasing behavior of Jingdong store actual transactions (i.e. the total amount of merchandise coupons, gift cards, the amount deducted amount, discount amount, freight amount calculation).

jd.com: commission ratio is about 4.5%+ of other rebates;

settlement: month end;

VANCL:VANCL website alliance is in accordance with the CPS (according to the sales into advertising billing mode) advertising alliance platform, in the territory of China legitimate websites (including personal website), blog, shop can register for free to join, landing after obtaining advertising alliance platform code placed to the website or blog advertising, when consumers click through exclusive advertising enter the VANCL website VANCL form effective after the purchase, will be from the VANCL alliance Advertising Commission in 1 months. Where network marketing has now become the industry regarded as a classic case.

VANCL 16%+ other rebate commission ratio:


settlement: month end;

: the whole process of dangdang.com dangdang.com CPS mode is: to find a large flow of best-selling books on Dangdang, then in the book quiz area advertising, try every way to attract users to your site, then on your website to guide users to click on the promotion link back to Dangdang online, so if this user in dangdang.com consumption, the webmaster can earn a commission. This method also requires a large amount of energy to endure loneliness, hardworking people can earn money, this method also has certain risk.

4%~12: dangdang.com commissions (music, film, 4% 4%, 4%, 4% video game education software 6%, 12% other magazines) + rebate;

settlement: month end;


whitening skin spring fair skin spring into the CPS alliance, a coalition of independent functional cosmetics industry precedent, is also the first cosmetics brand to bypass the third party alliance platform, direct cooperation with the site, CPS test network alliance. Just add whitening skin spring invited guest, can get multiple benefits, and every income is to enjoy life, is a permanent Wangzhuan form.

whitening skin spring guest most commendable has the following main modes >

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