Who will be the king of future advertising model

current online advertising is mainly divided into four types: the CPA, CPS, CPC, CPM in the future is one or more of the four in the period will become the mainstream form of advertising or for the development of other forms of


we first look at the current forms of advertising billing model.

CPA (Cost-per-Action): the cost of advertising in the form of each action, that is, according to the price of each visitor to take action on the Internet advertising pricing model. There is a special definition of user action, including the formation of a transaction, access to a registered user, or click on the network advertising.

CPS (Cost Per Sales): the actual number of products sold to convert the amount of advertising published. That is, according to the order of each / every transaction to collect fees, each successful user to achieve a transaction, the site owner can get commission.

CPC (Cost-per-click): the cost per click, according to the number of times the ad is clicked. Such as keyword advertising generally use this pricing model!

CPM (Cost-per-click): the cost per click, according to the number of times the ad is clicked.

through a variety of analysis can be seen above CPC, CPA, CPS is not suitable for most sites. These two models, in some professional sites may bring hundreds of thousands of income to thousands of days, but in some popular stations may also put a few months without a penny. For example, a special introduction to the fashion site and a novel station are hanging on the clothing category of CPS, CPA, CPC advertising, can be thought of and the site will be at least ten times more than the income of the novel site. But if they are hanging books CPA, CPS, CPC advertising revenue will be replaced. So say CPS, CPA suitable for professional site put!

and CPM belong to image advertising, what image advertising? Is that advertising does not bring much profit to the advertisement at the time, but with a lot of overwhelming terrain display advertising, so that advertisers are leaving an image of most of the people in mind, when the people need this service will be the first think of advertising products. Suitable for brand strategy, and for the site owners only need to put CPM advertising, the site’s main daily flow into profit. This kind of advertising is suitable for any site launch, how much revenue depends on the site of the main site traffic size!

and CPM can help media forms through animation, video, audio method make advertising more features. The effect of advertising and TV advertising network advertising investment with not much difference between, money TV advertising effectiveness of advertising.

I believe that "rich media CPM" ads in the near future will shine.


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