The promotion of profitable Amoy offbeat Wangzhuan tutorial

a lot of people say free Wangzhuan boring, are minor, is not worth doing, earn some money. This statement is not true, any project can be done in a free way, but for technical or research to spend more effort.

do foreign union know, CJ is not inferior and Google Adsense advertising alliance, even better than GG. This is like Tsinghua University and Peking University, the most famous in China, but in addition to Tsinghua University, many people have not heard of other colleges and universities. In fact, there are some colleges and universities better than them, but not as good as they. In other words, Adsense can be so famous, and even considered the world’s best advertising alliance, largely depends on the strong brand effect of Google.

I said these seemingly extraneous words, is to tell everyone to open their eyes to see the world, don’t stare at one thing not to put, perhaps the outside world more exciting, the ice Wangzhuan will introduce a domestic version of CJ is similar to the free Wangzhuan – amoy.

what is the guest? Is Ali mother with Taobao together to create, to help businesses to promote their products to earn commission membership platform.

Click to enter the Ali Mama: then in the navigation bar, you can see the guest promotion message, click to enter, you can choose to want to promote goods. Here are the following:

1 if you are doing a very regular station, you can choose the high price of goods, if you are in the form of a garbage station to do, it is best to pick cheap commodity promotion.

The core of

2 is the promotion of goods have no market, you can enter the page to view the most recent sales, if it is a month or a few months before the sale of one or two pieces of stuff, as early as possible into the recycle bin, if abandoned, average daily sales, in general can be considered.


3 find goods, we should narrow the scope, it can be set between 20 to 1000000 Commission, promotion number between 10 to 10000000, the commission ratio of 10% to 100%, after that, through layers of selection, leaving very little information, but also suitable for the operation.

4 to see customer reviews, if the product quality of the business is good, or the effect is good, the buyer is generally with gratitude, give you a good, and give you send a few words". Also, from the customer’s comments as well as the merchant’s answer, you can also see how the character of the business.

5 when it comes to promotion, we The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, recount it, what the QQ group promotion ah, the establishment of a number of blog ah, send information to QQ friends ah, SEO ah, email marketing, making the temptation to page… Etc.,… In short, various methods can try. If the above methods you don’t want to do, or not do, that there is a way.

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