Day earn 200 eight teach you how to use QQ day break flow rate of 10 thousand P

in front of us to explain the three free Wangzhuan people have a basic understanding of Wangzhuan, here we use QQ every day into the combat flow of 10 thousand IP, the conversion of traffic we can use it to achieve its advertising, achieve the ultimate goal of higher. 100ip is usually converted into 5%, different things and marketing methods turn rate is not the same, then how to use QQ to create more value?

QQ before the use of up to 400 million people, basically people will use the Internet QQ. QQ is the best network marketing tools, to achieve on the 10 thousand IP to 400 million users but easier said than done? Said not worth mentioning, is equal to the quantity of product change, a QQ news to join nearly 500 friends, 10 thousand IP is equivalent to 20 QQ of things, but not every friends to see your information will be Click to the advertising information, and Tencent Inc to ban advertising information more powerful, QQ will probably ban or limit login, then we have to reserve a number of QQ, to spare thousands of QQ to see, and how these QQ


a word "buy", want to do great things, we must know how to pay, low investment and high returns to the words always hanging in the mouth, you can go to Taobao or other online trading platform to buy QQ, the dozens of pieces of money can buy thousands of QQ, now advertising than before, the lower level of QQ restrictions on advertising information, you can buy more than vip3, this is not restricted, thousands of QQ as long as a few hundred dollars, bought after how we use them to


can go to the network to download some QQ mass software, a lot of software are trial, you can find some cracked version, or directly to buy the official version, only a few dozen cheaper. We send the content is worth paying attention to God, because it is empty, light site more Tencent will be blocked, there are many skills, can send some tempting words, indirect advertising on their QQ data, curious people will see through the click on the QQ data. You can also engage in a number of text ads directly to the other side, our QQ has recently received text messages to send advertising messages, these ads are a group of people get. After we set up a mass, one by one, and slowly will see the flow.

if we send illegal information and indecent information, can also be done using a proxy server, in the United States or Canada foreign lands, such people are hard to find, in fact, we do the QQ promotion, will gradually learn some skills and methods, how to attract people to look after others? How to make them into advertising, this is the door of knowledge?. Some time ago, Guangdong Zhang found by QQ, get a lot of traffic, but only a day to earn 200, while Hebei Liu, also is to do QQ promotion, not a lot of traffic, can make 600-800 every day, this is the difference between.

we put the QQ to the introduction of a single page of advertising, you can also be the total station, this depends on how you seize the psychology of others, as well as the user experience, a thousand

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