How can we see Wangzhuan you

twenty-first Century will be the century of the network, in the rapid development of network information technology today, the Internet is nothing new. Wangzhuan, a difference in the car to work, a new industry with the development of the Internet and the derived. And this industry is bound to be a trend.

is already quite mature in foreign countries, wangzhuan. Like a production line, each link is very reliable.

in the relatively late development of the Chinese, Wangzhuan is only ten years or so of the time. China Internet market is huge, must lead the people to the IT industry to develop this area, due to lack of experience, lack of domestic market system, off the line like cotton, uneven, chaos, much like the property market as Chinese is expanding, but the lack of quality, finally into a bubble.

I have been engaged in

Wangzhuan three years, from the initial IT migrant workers, like selling labor, busy with all of the platform to the post, to register, now operates five or six good sites. This is three years of experience in truth, Wangzhuan, cheated a lot of hard sweat, flow away in vain.

The so-called

so, three years time, also let me know much in this chaotic world wangzhuan.

see a lot of people are on the Internet, Wangzhuan is not a lie, I think that some naive, ask useful? I believe that such a person to ask, at least somewhat to do wangzhuan. And the starting point, they more or less think Wangzhuan is actually a part-time job, an easy part-time!


said, in fact, what is not so easy to do. The sky will not fall pie, not directly fall into your mouth. But I also believe that such a person to ask, most should be no contact Wangzhuan, what can’t even make networking. To those who ask the question to say: to understand, to practice, but also to tell you that the network is able to Amoy gold, the key is your skills, your thinking!

said people will think Wangzhuan, several familiar platform, Google Adsense, Baidu Union, Ali Alliance (YAHOO), CHANet net, Linktech linktech, NarrowAD, pig Witkey platform, twitter Chinese alliance platform. The first few are advertising alliance, are the webmaster as a member, do good also a few, the other is only a tiger cat. The pig eight quit, push off China and the first few different, but also different from each other. First of all, I admire the pig eight quit this model, a lot of virtual things, can be achieved in this substantive. But it is mainly aimed at the individual, as if to answer a question, the final adoption of only one answer, which is the most cruel. So you need to continue, as much as possible, to answer, to be adopted. You have to be prepared to do most of the work.

and push off China is different from the above two, but also a combination of the above characteristics of the two platforms. There are two kinds of pairs of objects: one is "

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