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friend taught me that a successful start-up companies have two necessary conditions: 1) all major decisions are correct (Do right things); 2) all the right decisions can be properly enforced (Do things right). In fact, more than start-up companies, all companies are the same reason.

Key points of

to achieve the above two conditions are: as the number one company – founder and CEO, if can play to their talent and leadership ability, let the company flourish; and let the development of the company and the decision only within their scope of leadership. This is a pair of contradictions, well handled can complement each other, in fact, this is also reflected in the level of CEO organizations. My friends have taught me that in order to deal with the above contradictions, CEO needs to build around its own three dimensions of corporate decision-making and enforcement agencies.

1, the company’s senior management team

the most basic institutions, the company’s top management team. CEO should be in line with "talent CBA" model, a highly complementary to the senior team, each member in the scope of their charge, had a higher ability than CEO, more extensive resources and connections. Please refer to my another article: with the teacher wang!.

2, the board of directors

investors and founders tend to regard the board as a place of power struggle, accustomed to the number of directors on behalf of my interests? Rather than considering the quality of the board of directors and members of the board: how good is the board of directors? What is the role of the board of directors in the development of the company?

founder and CEO if smart enough, he will be good at "management" of the board of directors, the board of directors to support his decision, making the company the development of swing on their own track; if CEO are smart enough, he will be good at "lazy", will put some responsibility on the board of directors in management. For example, the selection and recruitment of top management team can be decided by the board of directors or help? The development direction of the company’s development strategy, whether it can be discussed by the board to propose? Is it possible for the senior management team to assess the performance of each quarter? The CEO is a relatively strong role, the role of SPEAKER, can fully represent the company and management team interests; "the latter CEO role does not seem to be vulnerable, what right, what things have to be decided by the board of directors. However, the rights and obligations are equal, the greater the rights, the greater the obligation to bear. The former CEO is actually very strong for their own requirements for the company, he must ensure that their decisions are correct, otherwise the company will get into trouble. Although the latter look weak, but if the control is good, not only can also ensure they will be reflected, but also the most extensive play the role of the board of directors.

here is another topic: how to set up the board members? In general, FOUNDER will find those

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