VCs crazy burn Science and technology entrepreneurship is not only a wild bubble

Abstract angel investors believe that the current investment is precisely because in the past the heat Chinese VC or the Internet giant is too cautious, they get used to bet on the three or four years trend or strategic acquisitions, this is a good phenomenon, VC proper positive point of entrepreneurship is very favorable.

Tencent technology Wang Genwang reported on September 28th

"make sure you have enough cash reserves for 9-12 months." Jingwei venture partner Zhang Ying (micro-blog) recently called an "open letter" bubble there in the business circles and investment circles widely circulated, and seem a little frightful to the ear conclusion was that capital bubble may burst.

coincidentally, the other side of the ocean famous venture capitalist Mark · Anderson also sounded the alarm of the technology bubble. In Anderson’s view, now the technology startup company burn at an alarming rate, "the market will turn, we will find out who is swimming naked, many companies will burn too fast evaporation." While the benchmark Capital Partners in personality even asserted that the new technology is to burn a huge amount of cash, this scene is very like the Internet bubble burst before the end of 90s.

is a "China municipal housing bubble" problem can always cause a slobber war, now Chinese Technology entrepreneurial sector is not a bubble into a "each one according to his lights" topic.

investor mania

recently, a widely circulated piece in the WeChat circle of friends: as long as you go to Zhongguancun business street, take an apple computer, coffee, Guzuoshenchen, there will be investors to look for your investment.


scripts or just a joke, but the clear research center analyst Zhang Qi really felt "more money", "as long as it is now a hot industry, even if the project business model is not reliable can easily melt into money, investment life is afraid to miss an opportunity. No profit model is not normal, reliable business model of the enterprise also have a fantastic investment."

investor mania can also have a pile of data to support. Provide investment in research data show that the first half of 2014 a total of 199 cases from angel investors to disclose the amount of the total investment of 1 billion 122 million yuan, the first half of the scale of investment has gone beyond the level of last year. Nearly 80% of investment cases in the field of Internet and IT.

Tencent science and technology statistics also found that Internet banking, online education and the field of motor vehicles is the capital surge, starting price of nearly ten million u.s.. As of September this year, these three areas have completed the financing of the 33 companies, of which the amount of financing reached more than $100 million above the level of 5, more than ten million dollars above the level of 17. In addition, Starving people fill the land. over the past two years the field of electricity providers are frequently heard news, as of September this year, there have been 15 successful financing companies.

it is also worth mentioning that the issue of a bubble warning Jingwei venture capital, in the first three quarters of this year, they have been voted

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