Startups how to get precipitation users

Paul Graham said: Do things don’t scale. startups early, it is impossible for users to wait for their own, but to take the initiative to win customers one by one. The Internet there is a saying in the world of martial arts, but not fast breaking, then the startup speed and low cost to obtain early user quality is obviously very important, then how to get the user precipitation


what is a good user


high quality users that fit with the highest number of users, widely understood as the product of the target user. For example, the goal is to have milk users 0~3 years old child’s family, and the target user specific and can be divided into two categories, one is the quality of users, also is the potential users, the difference is that a high quality user initiative is strong, strong desire to buy, and potential users will need to use some means "activation".

or in milk powder as an example, for example, your product is a baby mall, in addition to the mothers of online shopping, and the establishment of child care experience and community, it also set up a dedicated daddy community, they may buy milk accounted for a small proportion of the whole group of users, but the community about how mothers and dads shared parenting guide to attract part of father mother level users, so this part of the user can called high quality user, user is daddy potential users, potential users in the effective guide, may also qualify as "quality customers", then the user has what effect does quality, promote and popularize, promote brand development. Share of consumption promotion.

need to pay attention to effective shopping guide, and not all potential users can develop into high-quality users, some users may just onlookers, all must focus on selective shopping guide. In this regard, the longitudinal Sok Wang believes that "the Internet early team to improve the product cost, if the product will deviate from the key, the next iteration effect; in addition, especially for the localization of the service quality, the user is limited, your users will not wait for you."

how to get high quality users?

not only the most common share circle of friends, micro-blog, QQ and other space free social networking site promotion, budget companies try in the promotion of social media, such as television shows, reality shows; in addition, a bit larger, mature a little start-up companies can also choose to and well-known OEM vendors cooperation degree in intelligent mobile phone pre installed application; or to the target user group adhere to regular content push, or push in some public relations, promotion of video blogs on the site; of course will be uploaded to the mainstream APP application software download platform, at the same time make mobile web SEO to direct traffic to the app store Download platform. An important channel is also essential.

how to precipitate users?

successfully attract users to download is only the first step, the product can go on for a long time, the most important thing is to do a good job of user precipitation, >

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