Shi Yuzhu claimed to be an annual salary of 100 million to recruit local CTO do not foreign experts

NetEase Francisco November 14th news, today confirmed that the giant network, the company chairman Shi Yuzhu decided to launch the "golden wolf Burglary" recruitment, recruitment will be CTO, in million yuan annual salary million yuan annual salary to recruit outstanding producer. It is reported that after Shi Yuzhu’s return to the giants finalized a top talent recruitment program, but also it was an important undertaking in the giant wolf culture.

what is the golden wolf giants in the golden wolf burglary program, the wolf is defined as the recognition of the wolf culture, in the field of research and development in the game has a special talent to the top R & D personnel. Shi Yuzhu believes that the wolf has four characteristics: crisis awareness, nose tip, sense of smell, able to spontaneous attack, perseverance, good teamwork.

in April 15th of this year, Shi Yuzhu announced the implementation of the giant wolf culture, triggering heated debate outside. He said the company would like to remove the greater harm to the real old rabbit, the high salary, stock to the new wolf. The "golden wolf Burglary" plan means wolf culture has been implemented into the deep stage, den vacant. The first round of the recruitment plan, mainly for two important positions, CTO, excellent producer.


CTO took office, Song Shiliang retired veteran entrepreneurs, the giant CTO position has been vacant. After the return of Shi Yuzhu attaches great importance to R & D, investment in the field of technology, the recruitment of CTO on 2017 to force the development of an important agenda.

giant CTO responsibilities will include, accumulation, build the company responsible for the research and development platform, R & D resources overall planning, management and deployment of technical personnel recruitment, training and development system construction, strategy making and development direction, leading the company advanced technology innovation.

it is understood that the giant recruitment CTO priority will be considered local talent, not superstitious foreign experts".

out of the annual salary of 100 million yuan to the wolf, involving two major issues: a gold wolf is worth so much money, whether the giant can come up with so much money in the two?.

giants said, in the game industry, the competition is extremely intense, players are extremely smart, picky. Only continue to provide more than expected boutique, in order to get players to recognize. To create high-quality products, we must rely on the best talent. Then led the development of client game "journey", Shi Yuzhu was aware of the importance of talent, had thrown tens of millions of annual salary to recruit the game plan". The growth of the wave of excellent planning, the return is much higher than expected.

so, over the past ten years, Shi Yuzhu’s top research and development personnel awareness and attention, but also from the ten million annual salary rose to $100 million annual salary". Inside the giants, have produced a fine game producer of gold, worth at least more than 300 million. Giant in A shares listed on the core management of stock incentive binding period of three years, the average annual income of more than $100 million gold producer.

remove the giant incentive, Shi Yuzhu also worked at the company’s annual meeting public commitment: "who developed products, companies will give the person in charge of the Project Awards blonde stock, make you worth billions of dollars. If the company awards

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