Seven years of gaming career stepping into the world of webmaster two

games and websites with the network as the world’s two most important pillars, like Heaven Sword and dragon knife, both front and opposition but not confrontation, be on a par with, but not a harmonious unity. To create a virtual world, and one plays a bridge between the real world and the virtual world. I do not know is the first website to have the game, or the first game and website, like a chicken and egg so delicate. Today we make a PK so that the two, let us see what is only my sword, or dragon lost.

1. game name, select VS website domain name application

a good game, can let a person for a lifetime also engraved in mind, a good website domain name, will also bring people endless reverie. From the stone age, legend, miracle, to today’s ears of World of Warcraft, Fantasy Westward Journey, Zhu Xian. Every game is a good memories. From the last century, Google, Sina, Tianya, twenty-first Century Baidu, Alibaba, Admin5, each of us in a classic. So the name is important to choose the.

2. character growth and upgrading VS site

in the game we are playing with a virtual character development upgrade, experiencing every period of growth, the growth in the accumulation of their own development. The road construction site, we are also a step by step guide it through a variety of programming language training, make its content gradually get rich, gradually optimize the architecture perfect. Toward the perfect site in our mind on.

3. equipment VS engine rankings, Baidu included, PR value, ALEXA ranking

game we strive to grow and experience, is to be able to put on after the day through their own efforts to get to wear on the body and weaponry, and even sacrifice a lot, but only to find out in the end, we are obsessed with the original but is stuck in the server of a website in our data. On each day of the engine rankings, Baidu included, the PR value, ALEXA rankings, only for one day can see you smile on people with adoring eyes said the site is what I built, in fact all the numerical ranking all but others good design rules of the game, we just as a leader of others. The only.

yesterday in PR value adjustment, my website finally increased from PR0 to PR1 (, I see the equipment again crit rate high, only for everyone to get to the heart of Tulong Dao, but when everyone took the dragon sword, Tu Long Dao also

called dragon knife?

everyone has a classic game, everyone has an unforgettable website in his life. No one can replace each other, just like a sword on the sky and a sword of dragon. These are some of my immature experiences. I hope I can give Admin5

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