A webmaster for years of bitter experience

often pay attention to Admin5 webmaster nets inside some webmaster articles, feel they write very well, can share the experience, very good. Today I also share some of my personal experience of standing.

has been in touch with the Internet since 2001, 9 years ago, when the Internet did not understand, just curious. Later, slowly using search engines to find information. Slowly understand some Internet knowledge. After entering college, I began to teach myself some software and programming because of my interest in computers. Most of the time spent in school and after school is spent on computers, but the time spent on the subject is relatively small. By the time I was in junior three, I would have started developing ASP websites. Therefore, I often go out to work part-time and earn some living expenses. In 2008, I set up my first foreign trade information network, www.ptlive114.com, which was just personal interest, and was so busy with my part-time job that I had no time to worry. By the end of 2009, there was time and some websites. So, I kept the original domain name and applied for a domain name www.trades114.com related to foreign trade. I began to update it every day. So far, I’m still holding on. Exciting is, now I updated every day, Baidu included the same day. And some keywords ranked first in Baidu, the mood is very happy.

at the end of February 2010, often in Ali mother community around me, see others do Taobao it can make money off. And most people are through QQ, blog, BBS do Taobao customers, I feel that will be more tired, and the effect is not good. So I want to build a Taobao site for myself, so that I can focus my promotion on one website. You can get a commission on any of the products you buy. After a few days of preparation, Taobao shopping guide network finally on-line. In order to increase the search engine included, at the same time I built a shopping guide article system, every day to send a few articles. In less than a month, I got the first commission at last. Though not much money, I was still very happy and gave me a consolation prize.

now, I still insist on updating every day. I think, to do a website, insist is necessary. It’s also about a person’s stamina. I’ll share my experience first, and I’ll share some SEO experience later.

personal Taobao guest website www.daogou1314.com, has been Ali mom Taobao passenger certification.

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