About Valley hundred domain name by malicious filing solution

read about Gu Baiyou of entries of domain names are malicious registration information, found the station domain name www.gubaiyouw.cn is in, I immediately log record site http://s.www.miibeian.gov.cn/ query whether it was true. Sure enough, this site is also malicious filing information. If shown:

doesn’t know which eldest brother is so unethical. Is there any other purpose?.

below to tell you how I solved, first of all, I dial the Ministry of communications industry advisory telephone, a few minutes no one did not answer depressed. Continue to provide about 10 seconds after then came a MM voice: "Hello, what can I help you?" I told her the situation, she would help me check my domain name is submitted for the record which province. A few minutes later, she said: "check your domain name filing information is submitted to the Shaanxi filing Bureau, you contact Shaanxi over there."." Helpless, had to hang section of the phone, to the website for the inquiry, the Shaanxi filing Bureau of the phone.

then I picked up the phone and called the Shaanxi board. When the phone came with a GG voice, I said, "gubaiyouw.cn!"". "OK, wait a minute," he replied. After 10 seconds, he said to me, "well, I’ve checked it and I’ve deleted it for you."!". Huhu! I said to her: "Oh, thank you, goodbye"

at this time, I immediately on the landing site to check the name of the site registration information: if it shows, there is no record of the record.

thank heavens, thank you for your time, of course, the first time registration information, and then submit your own filing information. Lest time passes, and give a malicious record, and then trouble.

if you find the domain name you can directly dial the Telephone Bureau in Shaanxi for the record, contact the people there for you can be deleted.

information source: Valley hundred excellent http://s.www.gubaiyouw.cn/, reproduced please retain complete connection information, thank you for your cooperation!


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