The future of local recruitment websites is bright

local talent website: mainly refers to in a central area with a considerable number of registered members, enterprise members, and after a long period of operation, with a larger scale of local talent website. For example, Guangxi talent network belongs to the local recruitment network.


website has a significant feature, is to have the obvious advantage in a specific region, operation time, have a higher local talent and individual members, corporate members loyalty number, based on these advantages, even in the popular nationwide recruitment website today, regional recruitment website also can get own a space for one person in the competition, even the local market occupy the dominant position.

from some authority information, Shanghai recruitment network (, Tianjin (, easy to network of international talent network (, Tianfu talent network ( Guangxi talent network station five pageviews sum has been completely beyond the ranks in the Chinese recruitment industry ranked third zhaopin. This information shows that the regional talent website after combination, use their own regional advantages, has already begun with the three major portals of the regional recruitment agencies meet as equals, and the capital and technology support is developing rapidly, the future is bright! > in the foreign recruitment agencies have injected three portals, many famous international recruitment agencies have their way through China began to enter the market, but they are more localized to the establishment of a unified website, and then start the operation of the group, open races throughout the country, this model is conducive to the unified management, but neglected the difference of the area, and in the early settlement operation with difficulty. Saongroup group is one of the world’s fastest-growing online recruitment group, when targeting China recruitment market, they have a unique vision, together with the strongest around the site, through the capital, technology and advanced management means of support, quickly gaining a dominant position in the market, this one, we can also analyze the reason:

one, local website operation time is early, the audience cognition is high, the pertinence is strong.

, when the concept of web portals is not yet available, human resource services have begun their operations. When the site gradually rise, human resources services across the course, the first time using this tool, and a component has its own advantages of local talent website, after many years of accumulation, these sites have formed considerable resources, and the majority of local people recognized.


two" and "localization" become the trump card of operation, and database talents have become the magic weapon of winning.

because regional sites set up early in the local time, long operating time, which makes the use of regional sites users accumulation process is also very strong. Although the talents needed by enterprises are under development

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