Shop operators need to practice the four diligence

said that this year’s economic situation is not good, the business is not good to do, however, but also has a lot of success, the results achieved amazing. Opened Guangxi County, Longan booming unit customers operating books, we are pleasantly surprised to see the 15 retail customers in this unit, there are 8 operating results in the first seven months of this year is growing. Especially the mutual aid team leader Li Chengyi, he managed the new general merchandise stores cigarette sales growth of 39.2%, profit growth of 49.1%. The larger the situation in operation under pressure, Li Chengyi can achieve such results, naturally has his forte. Recently, I went with the customer manager to find out what.

"eye" practice into observation power

In the

chat with the author, Li Chengyi’s eyes are always from time to time to shop door sweep, see the puzzled expression, he explained apologetically: "I this store location in the downtown area, so not only to retain each customer into the store, also cannot miss potential customers passing the shop opening, otherwise there is no business development. Therefore, I should always pay attention to the customers."

this reminds me of some shops I’ve been to. Some shopkeepers to end customers inside Chengdu did not look at the customer transaction. At this time, Li Chengyi up to a positive to greet the store looking traveler: "boss, hot outside, come to cool off……" The customer came into the shop and bought some cigarettes and bottles of drink. To see this, we also appreciate Li Chengyi’s observation.

"mouth" trained showmanship work

"boss, do you live near here? In the future, please take care of the store business." Li Chengyi talked to the customer who had just entered the shop.

"no, I live in the north side of the city, to the local tax service hall next to the office, by the way to buy something." Hear the customer answer, Li Chengyi said: "it does not matter, if you have a cigarette in the future, beverage needs you can call me as soon as possible, will arrange to send you the past, and I’m here to ensure the quality of the commodity, the price is reasonable, this is the phone shop." He handed a card to the customer. These few words that I had to admire Li Chengyi’s showmanship.

"hands" on display image

looks around the Li Chengyi store, a people can not tell the comfortable feeling, the feeling here is not like shops, but with a group of goods to the combination of professional exhibition, neat, clean, bright, look over the door signs is spotless.

he told us that the first thing to do every day is to clean up and tidy up the goods, this habit has been maintained for a long time.

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