How do retailers prepare for national day after mid autumn Festival

2016 Mid Autumn Festival has ended, in this small holiday, retail households have made what kind of performance, have been identified, and if you want to earn more profits, it should be ready for the national day. However, many retail households do not know how to summarize, leading to measures will also be national day opportunity. So, how do retailers prepare for the national day after the Mid Autumn Festival?

national day, Mid Autumn Festival two because of the short time interval, and sometimes even may overlap, so called "double"". Since the beginning of 2000, to celebrate the National Day holiday for National Day set seven, which effectively stimulating tourism consumption, active economic culture, enrich people’s life; and the Mid Autumn Festival is the member of Chinese traditional festival, is also full of festivity. Therefore, the "double" consumption is unusually active, commonly known as "retail gold period", general merchants are very important segment of the golden period of operation, the same for the retail business households are very rare opportunity, will find ways to try to improve the operation.

blink of an eye, the Mid Autumn Festival in 2016 in a piece of joy left us quietly. Mid Autumn Festival in 2016, we retail households do retail business? How to meet the upcoming National Day? In order to help more users to better prepare for the national retail business, after the Mid Autumn Festival, I then take the time I visited several more famous retailers, please listen to their opinion and suggestions, hoping to help the majority of retailers.

a, careful preparation, business worries.

retail Household Sun Cancan: "every festival think twice", the Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. Although the holiday is not long, but there are still a lot of work in the field of people hurry to get home with friends and family, and the family, around each other, gifts, eat family reunion dinner, which will undoubtedly give us retailers to add a lot of business opportunities. It is based on this, I am in the double golden period before the advent of the careful planning of the Mid Autumn Festival operation.

took the time to seriously visited the surrounding representative of some residents, to understand their mid autumn festival consumption expectations, especially the moon cake, tobacco and alcohol demand levels. Then I selected some brands of moon cake, tobacco, beverages and other commodities. At the same time early played advertising "celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, for any Junxuan".

but seriously recall, I think the courage in the inventory is still a little small, to moon cake, for example, in 2016 due to the continued economic normal new, early retail business is not very good. Therefore, in the Mid Autumn Festival this year, I prepare moon cake, or pay attention to the middle and low between 10-50 yuan, high-grade basic No. But the Mid Autumn Festival, there are 5, 6 from the field back to the guests are proposed to buy about 100 yuan moon cake.

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