What is the hot business

why some people complain that the business is not good at the same time, there is a shop business is really very prosperous development? This is naturally determined by the store’s business. There is such a store in the area I visited. Although there is only one room, but before the counter, shelves, full of goods. Business booming, the surrounding business users are very envious of him. What is the business secret? With the owner’s own words, there are only eight words, that is, "excellent quality, all goods, and people, thin profit".

"quality" is the quality of goods, service quality. This shop sells cigarettes, wine, water, small food, all from the formal channels come in. Fake and shoddy goods can not enter the store door, customers buy at ease, satisfied with. When a customer buys something, sometimes money is not enough, the owner himself with a small notebook in credit, anxious customers anxious, customer solutions to customers to buy more things, the owner also used his car enthusiasm for the customer free door-to-door, for some of the elderly, the main shop pick the goods…… These practices to the owner, of course, customers are very welcome, feel convenient and intimate, like to shop in this shop.

"goods", is the specification of a variety of goods. Smoke, wine, water, small food into small pieces, small to the masses will be used in the life of the needle, money, buttons, salt, soy sauce, vinegar…… Everything in the store. Delta, horn money business owner also have a warm greeting, who have what it takes to nature will first think of the store. The surrounding residents have said: "other shops can not buy goods, there are."

"people and" is to treat people, hospitality. Whoever enters the shop, whether or not to buy things, buy more to buy less, the owner is always warm. Even if the money is to do a small business, the owner has always been smiling face and have always believed that I do so, people warm heart, it is equal to retain customers." For a long time, people into the store, as if to return to their homes, like a warm feeling.

thin profit, is small profits. This shop sells goods blatantly, perform a full price department in accordance with the approved price standard. In addition, the implementation of the "gift", also "the amount of the gift", let the customer think get great benefits. For example, you buy a box of cigarettes, he gave you a big fire. You buy the goods, he weighed, to add some to you, let your heart happy.

is still doing business, although there is a very intense competition, however, if you can grasp the operating skills, grasp the operating principles, the business can also be a rapid success. And that is more than the introduction of these eight small words, so that the shop’s business booming, has become the region’s sales star".

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