This venture in Paris China girl by collecting handsome red lipstick jump

Abstract: to live, I believe that it is not only, a lot of people hate the "utilitarian", deliberately makeup, even to cut a chin, he could play a little edge ball to attract attention, more of a reward. It is like a clear stream of floating pieces of "clean" cow dung, although clean, but it is still difficult to mouth.

today, we are not even like the elegant Luo mil poet like, but still can be more intuitive to experience Milan. Kundla described "in the starlight group for collecting the perfect God planted flowers", "in the desert and sea in the aspect of the flesh and the spirit of adventure". Because of the Internet, more precisely, because of the rise of live, we have to live in a more intuitive understanding.

just recently, a ID called "white cloud" girl in NOW live on fame, at the opening of the live 15 days, it attracted a lot of fans, launched more than 3 hours a day to get a reward, only personal income has several million, and has become a live NOW ranked first a tourist anchor.


you know, white cloud is just one of the most common girl but, mixed in all kinds of edge anchors, show face show chest show of talent "sexy bitch", the white cloud is a stream. As a French student, she did was in the broadcast, to show some of the attractions of France, the Elysee Palace, electronic music festival, others doubt occasionally with the visitors interaction, occasionally answer, the most "bold" is just a recent live in a park near the Eiffel Tower with the 100 guy "lipstick collection"……

frankly speaking, has always been a vegetarian for me, this style can really "power" to me, even over ten thousand times more in the heart, "she didn’t see my beautiful", but in the broadcast process, the heart still has admired an irrepressible. She saw a handsome guy with French tease, approached to see her handsome lipstick, see the guy left her lipstick, she saw a handsome guy with photo…… Everything is so natural, so beautiful. It is like to see an old friend, or feel the white cloud is me, to see her, it inspired a sense of happiness. I don’t know if this is the true meaning of the live broadcast of the Internet, but she really made me see what it would be like in France, even if I was in france.

"I am a white cloud of NOW live, Shandong, now living in Paris venture. I am an international business students, graduated from Holland, is also a travel enthusiast. I like to make friends with friends from all over the world, understand the cultural habits." This is only a white cloud of information available, but is such a girl, she is so bound to fire.

you can say, the popular white cloud, because the "lipstick collection" activities, there may be some factors. Remember that I’ve seen it before

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