[forecast] 2015 the latest small venture to invest in the first venture to make a profit

unwittingly, the calendar has been turned to the middle of September, we have to make a eleven travel plan…… in another three months, is the 2015. For entrepreneurs, what are the appropriate small entrepreneurial projects in 2015? You are interested, may wish to look down.

1, special tea bar

characteristics of tea sales and the sale of flower tea, fruit tea, which has been popular in some domestic large and medium-sized city. Often drink fresh tea can be beauty skin care, regulate nerve function, promote metabolism, improve body immunity. Suitable for the ten kinds of fresh flowers, such as red roses, white chrysanthemums, peony flowers, honeysuckle, etc., the price of 100-300 yuan per kilogram. At present, people drink fresh tea is also one of the few, but it will lead the new fashion of tea in the near future, has a broad market prospect. Initial investment is not large, the need for rent, decoration, tea equipment and other costs about 30 thousand yuan.

2, nostalgia shop

3, animation game accessories store

the project mainly engaged in selling game cards and game accessories, cartoon character models, game strategy Raiders manual animation and game related products; provide the game engine and upgrade services. Before opening the shop, you need to understand the current market that is currently the most popular animation games and game consoles, etc., and then commodity analysis and positioning, the right to choose around the school. Initial investment is mainly rent, renovation, purchase of equipment, staff salaries and other expenses, 3-5 million to open business. Recommended projects: AA International Animation store.

4, green table

5, waterless car wash

the project does not require high skill, high investment, no waste water, no pollution, only need to order special detergent can. The main method is: first with a water-saving car washing machine (can eject gas, similar to >

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