Catering Marketing nternet is not a panacea

current hot food and beverage market, had to say that the rise of the Internet O2O service industry for the food and beverage industry has injected new impetus to the development of. If the food and beverage industry can not do without the Internet, but the Internet is not a panacea.

1, restaurant products, services, environmental problems

catering business, including products, services, the environment of the three elements. The combination of different forms of the three forms the whole business model. In the entire market competition, according to the location of the shop you choose to combine business models, or you define a good model to choose the location of the shop.

product selection, product category, product mix as a decisive factor in the success or failure of food, to continue to research and development, continuous innovation, leading in order to gain the advantage in the fierce market.

service is a key factor in food and beverage business, want to dominate the market, the first to let the customer’s heart follow you, and then let the customer’s pockets follow you. Can let the customer’s heart and pockets follow you on the premise of providing quality service. Guests need to have emotional and psychological attention and respect for the sense of pride and satisfaction, but the need for food and environmental support, otherwise it will be greatly reduced.

environment is the basic factor of the catering business in marketing, a lot of factors of the environment, only the elements of catering to independently control the customer requirements for the different environments, some require quiet, warm, some require some requirements of tradition, some requirements are designed through the catering environment to showcase their own cultural theme. Regardless of the decoration or decoration environment should be close to the customer, so that customers feel relaxed, allowing customers to relax.

as the use of social media to better carved sirloin and other non brand is not a perfect combination of the three to get the recognition of consumers, as for the O2O model, business model, micro-blog, WeChat and so on are just tools and catalyst.

2, positioning, price, features are not uniform, lower than expected consumer price

restaurant is distinctive, the quality is stable, the service is characterized by the success of the restaurant is one of the branches. Restaurant food dishes, taboo drift, as the saying goes: only the dead fish drift. To create the characteristics of the dishes, should not be over. As a Chinese restaurant, the dishes produced a bogey monotonous general, McDonald’s simplistic, not suitable for China’s food culture: two avoid spending more and more schools, even if the guests spend more than a mess, the quality is difficult to stabilize. The production department asked the storage, preparation of trouble, loss also increases accordingly.

positioning, price, features are not uniform, the price is lower than the consumer expectations, completely ignore the consumer psychology and consumer demand, do not change with the market

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