The new tea brand recommended

cold winter, people love to bring us warm things, such as hot pot, for example, milk tea. Milk tea shop has become the autumn and winter season is also the best income more small business, if you happen to also want to open a tea shop, then you must carey choose to join the brand oh. Although the milk tea business looks not so humble, but it is not the ability to gain revenue. The latest milk tea store list, are you ready to open a tea shop?

latest milk tea franchise brand recommended

1, Jack

Street Tea competitive advantages, distinctive brand image, a unified storefront, have become a strong basis of tea market, the scale of Jack constantly, huge brand value to ensure that every investors earn money.

Street tea does not have the time and geographical limitations, regardless of seasons, regardless of any time, can satisfy the consumer for breakfast, lunch and dinner, supper demand in different period, truly all-weather business customers, All seats are occupied.

2, Lipton

"Lipton" at home and abroad is the largest tea brand. Lipton with its bright yellow to domestic transfer its purpose: light, energy and natural beauty good fun. Born in 1850 in Scotland Glasgow a poor family, Thomas · Lipton is the brand’s founder. In 1890 he officially launched in Britain Lipton Black Tea. His ad is a good tea from the tea garden directly into the teapot". In 1892, Lipton began at home and abroad, is the first to set up factories in the United States, then open stores in India, in the Far East market. In 1898, Lipton was the queen of England awarded the title, "at home and abroad Black Tea king" reputation. In 1992, entered the domestic and foreign tea Lipton’s oldest and largest number of tea drinking countries — China.

3, Nestle tea milk tea

Nestle company, by Henry · Nestor, founded in 1867, headquartered in Switzerland Geneva Lake Vevey (Vevey), is the largest food manufacturers at home and abroad. Nestle, which has a history of 138 years, originated in Switzerland and started to produce baby food. In 2005, Nestle at home and abroad has more than and 500 factories, 250 thousand employees, annual sales of up to 91 billion Swiss francs. April 12, 2011, Nestle respond to baby rice flour containing carcinogens, said the product is completely safe.

4, about

Zhejiang company is a leisure food enterprises, located in Zhejiang.

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