Open clothing stores need to investigate the seven elements

clothing as life necessities, huge huge consumer demand and market space contains needless to say, for investors, want to open a clothing store, it is necessary to consider the overall in the shop before, then joined a clothing store need entrepreneurial strength


a. Open clothing store, the local market evaluation

to your store location, shopping malls, plans to open the store location, do adequate market research, including the surrounding brand style, sales, clothing and consumer characteristics, target consumer values surrounding residents status, flow conditions, flow direction, age, rent, through the investigation results to lock the market positioning (location) and their basic needs brand style, price positioning agent.

two. Open clothing stores, the evaluation of their own strength

and the evaluation of the local market as an investment plan, rental investment, decoration investment, personnel costs, and the basic conditions of brand suppliers such as: clothing, props to join the brand margin cost, first payment, cash flow etc..

mature brand requirements of natural high, immature brand requirements but the success rate is not low.

three. The choice of brand

1. business philosophy

understand the basic process of enterprise growth, we know how many brands of operability. As the saying goes, what the boss has what business, more communication, clothing to join more understanding of the current situation and future development of the enterprise, of course, do not be blindfolded on the line.

2. commodity portfolio

commodity positioning: is consistent with the local market position

commodity style: is consistent with the local consumer positioning

commodity price positioning: is consistent with the local market position

series of products and products: color combination collocation if there is a certain representative with the local market, the color of sure grasp of the local market trends, competitive price and whether the fabric used in the market and.

3. open clothing store management

internal management: the company’s organizational structure is reasonable and the quality of personnel?

external management: what are the requirements of the customer? Why?

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