Several simple snacks

every time you go shopping, what is the most attractive to your attention, anyway, I am a small series of snacks through the street every time, the body is not conscious of the desire to continue to move forward. Eyes just staring at the food stalls, I would like to take away all the snacks. In order to meet the demand for snacks chowhound friends, in this special to introduce several simple snacks approach

onion pot pot volume

material: self raising flour, onion.

seasoning: salt.


1. self baking powder with warm water and a smooth surface, cover the lid neutralizing 20 minutes.

2. continue to knead the dough until the dough fermentation to two times larger.

3. divide the dough into fist sized chunks, roll into 0.5cm thick patches, sprinkle salt coating, pour a little oil coated, sprinkle with chopped chive rolled dough.

4. will roll dough cut into 3 cm thick pieces, horizontal pull folded and then opened, screwed up into two pinch rolls.

5. will be rolled up into a pot lid Hanamaki, continue neutralizing 40 minutes.

6. small fire heating pan for 1 minutes, to the bottom of yellow Hanamaki half bowl of boiling water poured into the lid, the fire heated to dry water, the bottom rolls brown.

egg fried dumplings fennel shrimp

material: Fennel, egg, shrimp.

seasoning: salt, chicken powder, sesame oil, five spice powder.


1. dumpling powder in water and yeast powder were rubbed, neutralizing 1 hours.

2. joined the broken egg fried chopped fennel, shrimp, salt, chicken powder, sesame oil, five spice powder.

3. good facial hair, wrapped into dumplings, standing for 40 minutes, again neutralizing.

4. baking pan pan, add a little oil, put into the steamed stuffed bun, cover.

5. bottom steamed stuffed bun slightly burnt, into a bowl of water, cover to boil dry, Brown can be steamed at the bottom.

double mushroom stewed egg yolk

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