Lin Ding clever money can earn big money

as a lowly office workers, you can also start, and then continue to earn more money? This seems to be a lot of people seem to think it is inconceivable, however, the main character of this paper is actually done, get a huge return.

characters introduced: Lin jingle 25 year old office clerk

to apply a very popular famous saying: "life is not a lack of beauty, less is to find beautiful eyes." Build up the family fortunes in the same way, life is not a lack of money, little money was found in the eye. From the community into the present, I am a small figure in the work, front desk, tour guides, office clerks, not a job to earn a lot of money, but I have been a little money constantly. How can we do this? Very simple, you must not think that only throw a one hundred and eighty thousand to make money, only do not let a little money in order to earn big money".

online to sell second-hand goods

like all the girls, I love to buy all kinds of beautiful clothes, the cabinet always stuffed to the brim. At that time the tour guide, go shopping in Hongkong to travel home box homely food, is a variety of clothing, cosmetics, shoes, stuffed trinkets etc.. Look at the clothes at home, on average every year to wear one or two times, and some did not even move the first.

clothes more outdated, this year has not passed, do not want to move it next year. In order to prevent the waste of resources, I registered a shop on a website, you don’t love to wear clothes and shoes all the price tag – 2000 make each sell 10 dollars, also put a place better than. And it is amazing that almost every piece of clothing, especially in the field of clothing, have a good price.

rent out DVD

boyfriend is a big movie fan, home in the mountains of DVD, there are more than 2 thousand pieces of the same film, don’t look second times, even in what place do not want to. I can’t let these things do not create value! With a full two weeks time, I put all the dish order number, and the cover is bound, and the small shop downstairs signed an agreement for each disc, rent 2 yuan a day, one half, less than a year, we have to earn money buying back!

business to foreign

wholesale market 1 dollars of the mobile phone chain, in some European countries, it can be sold to a euro of 1, a total of $two or three! When the international tour guide those days, I accompanied the guests to go a lot of countries, but also found a lot of money to make a place. He went straight to the small commodity wholesale market, the wholesale price is very low, but to make very small ornaments.

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