How much money to invest in Savage tribal barbecue

small series I saw the first time the barbarian tribes barbecue brand, it has been attracted to the decoration of the store, like a primitive tribe, to give a feeling of a bright. So savage tribal self-help hot pot?

savage barbecue buffet, it breaks the boundaries since ancient times and Hot pot barbecue cooking "water, not a pot of fire", to create a new pattern of There was no parallel in history. restaurant shop two cuisine, skillfully and scientifically will be Chinese traditional barbecue and other food, Hot pot Shabu volume method for a pot, and put the oil fume tar are reduced to a minimum, to eat nutritious and health, and loved by Chinese and foreign consumers. To become a popular investment project, how much to join the Horde barbecue Horde


How much money does

need to invest?

join fee is as follows:

brand gold: 1-10 million;

margin: roughly 10 thousand or so;

join training fee: want to join savage tribe, investors need to accept the headquarters of the 1-3 months of training, of course, the cost of training by the investors;

equipment purchase fee: open a savage tribe shop, air conditioning, cabinets, plates and so is essential, in general, the cost of about 50 thousand yuan;

product inventory: opening, the first batch of products to join the stock in accordance with the requirements of savage tribal headquarters, the cost of roughly 10 thousand yuan;

shop rent and renovation costs: store annual rent of at least 30 thousand yuan, renovation costs of $20 thousand;

so, on the whole, the savage tribe needs at least $150 thousand to join the fee.

ten join is a very low cost, ten of investors to join the project, visible savage grill is a worthy of you to join the project, if you have the killer then please message on our website below, see the message after I will contact you in the first time.

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