How to choose investment jewelry site

choose jewelry to invest in entrepreneurs is not a few, so the location problem is very critical, and how to correctly choose the right shop address? The article analyzes some suitable for business address, a look at it!

bustling commercial street

choose to shop in this position, because the rent is very high, so the area is not too large, not more than 40 square meters. Area is not large, it is generally pedestrian street, so the operation of the goods should not be too large, should be small.

once bustling commercial streetThis section is generally

supermarket leased area

large shopping malls

once obtained the position, begin to notice the goods don’t stray, to prevent others from complaints, shopping for your attention and limit your varieties. After the test can slowly increase the variety, and properly handle the relations and management;

wholesale market

is an ideal choice. In the general city of this lot rent is not very high, the store does not need too much, kind of goods do not need too much, no need to decorate the cost of many, the passenger flow is generally good, can be said to be very ideal.

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