To do beautiful before Xu Yirong almost follow Ding Lei pig

lead: "we almost can eat I help Ding Lei pigs pork, a little."

yesterday afternoon, said Xu Yirong, the founder of the beautiful in the small table (micro signal: xfz008) open class to share their entrepreneurial history. Absolutely did not expect, in the "beautiful" before he even followed Ding Lei pig went. The following is based on Xu Yirong’s live speech finishing:

beautiful said from the beginning of November 2009 to do, and now just over five years, this year is the first year of my business in. October 2005, my first venture, beautiful said to be second projects. The first project is to do RSS subscription "zhuaxia", the name is not very good, called "zhuaxia", later will really be at loss (laugh). But the project from 2005 November until the end of 2008, beauty is founded in November 2009, about a year in the middle I was blind".

"zhuaxia" at

I want to share with you two, one is to make friends with the time, the two is the grass root mentality. Said the first grass root mentality. My background is quite good, high school Science Olympiad, Mathematical Olympiad is the national team, then walks to the north, then in Standford read the master computer, and then spent five years at IBM, as the database data mining research. Overall, I am a white Formica, although not beautiful (laugh). By August 2005, I was a bit impatient at the IBM China software development center, leaving the business. I remember very clearly, that day is August 8, 2005, is the day of listing Baidu [note, according to Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu is listed on NASDAQ in August 5, 2005]. I think, we are a library of Peking University graduate who can do a search engine, the computer department of people why go to? My partner is Baidu’s early one of the dozen engineers, with us leaders [Note: Xu Yirong’s wife Wang Mengqiu has worked at Baidu for ten years, served as vice president of technology, now join the clean capital] is colleagues at Baidu for 5 years too impatient. Baidu’s stock price is $150, and we should be more cattle, then we will come out together to do something.

started really excited himself in power. At that time no Cafe nor the garage, in the vicinity of Wudaokou Huaqingjiayuan, a start-up company. There are two of us rented a room of about 3800, about a month, put a few tables in the living room, then put a few Zhang Hangjun bed, began to start a business. We didn’t go home for the first few weeks, and then we went home every Sunday afternoon. At that time the enthusiasm is very high. At that time, with entrepreneurial hot now also be roughly the same, when Wang Xing (founder of meituan) in Huaqingjiayuan, Zhang Yiming (the founder of today’s headlines) in Chen Hua, (sing founder) in.

one day we broke the lock, to lock core, good money distressed. Make a ring, downstairs

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