How to go back to college students entrepreneurship

with the current business boom set off, many university graduates begin to choose their own businesses to build up the family fortunes, also the wayward graduates home business, engaged in farming, entrepreneurial projects, has also attracted the attention of many people.

4 month, antique building of unique charm, delicate fragrance of tea will the package, here is the Maoba Town Village in Hubei Province, Lichuan city nanmu. In the village, a young college graduates, after graduation "capricious" home breeding chicken business, and apply them, using the "sales Internet plus" mode, attracted people to pay attention to the village look.

out of the top students graduating from poor villages to farming venture

Zhao Aiyong graduated from Huanggang Normal University in 2011 with a major in computer science. In his words, the choice of the profession, is that the domestic computer and software development and other technical personnel is very scarce.

before college, Zhao Aiyong’s parents in Wuhan to do construction workers in rural areas, his family environment is pretty good. Since the college entrance examination, hardworking Zhao Aiyong became famous in the village, was put on the "top" of the ring. It seemed to him in the village that he would do something in the big city sooner or later.

wants to do something seriously." After graduation, Zhao Aiyong and his classmates to work in Fuzhou, although hard but relatively stable income. Working 7 months to save more than 30 thousand yuan, almost no spending too much. With savings he would like to return home to start a business.

during the work, Zhao Aiyong occasionally and friends to the factory near a "hot pot" to "luxury" back, but he had always friends and said: "this chicken does not taste sweet, or when raising their own taste is good." The more the number of times, the more let him firm confidence in the breeding business.

Zhao Aiyong breeding chicken

bird flu chicken

sudden slow-moving drain

At the end of

2012, Zhao Aiyong quit his job and decided to return home to start a business. In his opinion, the majority of his life will be hard to send him to the school gate, now after graduation, but go home to do these dirty and hard work, parents are not a taste of the heart.

tried again and again, Zhao Aiyong persuaded his parents. In order to support him, the parents will be 120 thousand years of hard work to accumulate the money out of his venture capital.

entrepreneurial early, Zhao Aiyong did not have any breeding techniques, he would buy books self-study, and take time to communicate with people experience. In his careful study and careful nursing, the first batch of chicken breeding can be recommended

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