Qingyuan Guangdong wind blowing business

a place in the development of entrepreneurship in the end what kind of a state, and the various policies provided by the local nature is very closely linked. For the current situation in Guangdong, Qingyuan, perhaps because of the preferential policies of entrepreneurship, thus blowing the wind of entrepreneurship, attracting countless investors.

since the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation as a national strategy, set off a wave of entrepreneurial innovation nationwide. In recent years, Qingyuan actively promote entrepreneurship and innovation, individuals, businesses, government and other positive action for entrepreneurs to provide a good business conditions, business atmosphere. To this end, the reporter conducted a survey interview on the Qingyuan front line business situation, and today launched the "entrepreneurial Qingyuan series of reports, listen to them about the dream and the story of entrepreneurship, in order to provide a new view for Qingyuan venture parties.

in deciding whether to resign before the start, Ye Qing received a lot of "home truths": weak economic growth, not to do business, this is not a good opportunity of entrepreneurship. But after careful consideration, with a dream of youth, Ye Qing two months ago or determined to resign entrepreneurship, followed by giving up a well-known housing prices in Qingyuan executives and more than $200 thousand annual salary.

for many ordinary people in Qingyuan, this decision is not easy, which means not only gave up lucrative fixed income and a stable life, Ye Qing is also clear that the next few years will be waiting for his business in the uncertain and may never have hardships.

contrarian, as entrepreneurs, Ye Qing is not isolated cases. At present, the influence of "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the entrepreneurial Dongfeng, Qingyuan folk and official force are poised to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, from the university campus, to all sectors of society, for their own hobbies, career or entrepreneurial dream, is quietly off the tide. Since 2015 Qingyuan city business license issued by the business sector data can get a glimpse of clues: last year, newly registered enterprises 5066, an increase of 20%; the first quarter of this year, the city’s newly registered private enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households were 974 households, 4311 households, an increase of 6% and 18% respectively.

A. entrepreneurial wind spread to college campuses. Over the past few years, I have a lot of friends to resign." Ye Qing admits that his entrepreneurial passion is affected by how many friends around. Let him decide to resign entrepreneurship is an investor and partner intervention, the initial investment cost is relatively high.

and Ye Qing are not the same, the authentic "returnees" Yue school for the start of some hesitation, because he developed products for the country, the market has been relatively mature, do not know how much space. However, when he found that Qingyuan entrepreneurial atmosphere is very good, the government has spared no effort to support innovation and entrepreneurship groups, the cost of entrepreneurship supplement recommended

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