Which projects suitable for laid off workers to invest in Entrepreneurship

every year there are a lot of enterprises closed down there will be a lot of people laid off, a large part of these laid-off workers also want to continue to work, which prompted a growing entrepreneurial team. They want to realize their own value, have joined the ranks of entrepreneurship. Choose a good project to join, is the key to their successful business. So what are suitable for laid-off workers to invest in business?

1, specialty breakfast shop

Analysis of

2, a variety of services convenience store

With the steady development of

An important difference between

3, drug stores and health food stores

from the investment threshold, comprehensive drug stores or pharmacies in the investment threshold, the average of more than 500 thousand yuan, gross margin of about 35%, the payback period is longer, more adequate funding for long-term development of entrepreneurs.

4, infant supplies shop

How much

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