Zhangzhou Sea sland Sea Dream bay tourism project started

With the development of economy, the tourism industry has been developing rapidly, and has a great role in promoting the development of economy.

. At present, Zhangzhou, "the island of · Pisces; dream bay" tourism project started, the following for this project we have to look at the specific.

27, Fujian, Zhangzhou Island Bridge was opened to traffic, the offshore artificial island – "Pisces island" connected with the mainland. The theme of the dolphins, "· island of Pisces; dream bay" tourism project launched the same period, marking the "frog island" officially opened the door welcoming.

, a total investment of 3 billion 500 million yuan is Chinese Beas island’s first large-scale offshore artificial island, located in the pan Fujian economic and Technological Development Zone Zhangzhou China Merchants Bank, together with the Gulangyu Islet in Xiamen, a total area of 2.2 square kilometers, started construction in 2010.

the same day, Pisces island · Sea Dream Bay project launched over the same period. The project combines leisure tourism, eco-tourism, interactive experience as a whole, including 25 temporary tourism projects, activities from May 27th for a period of more than 5 months.

China Merchants Group, director of Zhangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Promotion Bureau Director Hu Zheng said, then, will also launch the Beas island Silver Beach, Longhu sea ecological Valley, Southeast Asian street, East Fantasea and other projects, accelerate the development of open Beas island.

it is understood that the Beas island has launched a comprehensive municipal engineering construction, the future will take the science and technology and the future features, make full use of modern technology to make a set of ecological intelligent artificial island resort, leisure entertainment, commercial housing as one of the tourist.

the completion of the island will further promote the development of local tourism, the development of the economy also has a good role in promoting. Facts have proved that, in line with the needs of the development of the times, continue to vigorously develop the characteristics of the industry, combined with modern high-tech products will be more attractive, more competitive market.

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