Nostalgia industry how to cause new business opportunities

business opportunities everywhere, business opportunities everywhere, we should learn to find the key, learn to catch! Nostalgia industry how to trigger new business opportunities? May wish to take a look at! As a kind of special emotion of modern people, the nostalgia will spread to different fields, and the Beijing snacks and old food will not be forgotten.


recently, Quanjude, daoxiangcun, Wuyutai, Wang Zhihe and many other time-honored catering enterprises together, the time-honored brand development seminar "held as scheduled in Beijing. Found the time-honored catering yilaomailao not always with the years of foundation affects people’s lips nostalgia.

According to the

Qianmen Quanjude "old culture" of both the old walls, old shop, or Yanjing eight, the emperor, which penetrates the "Quanjude" rich cultural heritage and strong ethnic characteristics, but also reflects the epitome of old food culture in Beijing. Taste a time-honored classic delicacy, enjoying the influence of traditional culture, the economic recovery was nostalgia.

simple black and white old photos is Ronaldinho shop signs products ", according to him, these photos are his father from Beijing and Xuzhou and other places to the amoy. Some of them after half a century of waste time, some can be a wonderful story behind the photo series, not only Chinese even many foreigners also fell in love with the black and white.

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