Knock out a good project to join the chain

want to find a reliable join headquarters, intentions, and many franchisees to get rich together, started the brand awareness, it seems to be a very simple thing. In fact, the first step is to face the problem is how to choose a good venture to join the project.

Turn to

The authenticity of the

analysis on Project

general result is true or not in contact with the transferor at the beginning can know whether the product identification will open? Who presided over the identification, which well-known experts to participate, and so on, if you can see the original identification better. Investors should ask to see the results of the entity and the promotion of the transfer unit. If the results are still in the stage of scientific research, we must attach importance to the risk in the process of industrialization. Often there is a real scientific research achievements to industrialization is not successful.

two on the project feasibility analysis

if the "project" is true, and in the pre investment, must do their feasibility analysis, don’t let the transferor’s book project led by the nose, you will all the details of the implementation of the project carefully analyzed.

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