How do you greet a customer

when we walk into a store, the store clerk first name card is in the shop, they to influence our perception of progress, the customer into the store to see things less, so the key is to form a first impression of the first impression it becomes more and more important, and let staff learn to timely, and good customer greeting is the most important, then meet the customer how to say hello?

1 how to greet customers? General customer

(1) greet customers how to greet? The direct type (just look at M·SUYA monopoly pants!).

(2) greetings (welcome, M·SUYA Monopoly!).

(3) open (like which style, you can try!) (like what kind of version, I help you recommend it!).

(4) recommend (this version is more suitable for you! These are the new year this year!) (2) take into account the formula (wait a moment, I’ll come right away, you choose the color, choose the right to call me again,). ).

(6) to break the silence (like it? Like to take a try, this is a special offer), how to greet customers to greet the 2? Old customers (1) contact type (haven’t met in a long time! And slim! It was very windy? Tired?) (2) (first stage surname Yao sister, glad to see you again; Miss Zhang, more and more pretty) (3) (season titles, you have a rare Mei; Dean, gas color is very good) (4) to meet the customer how to say hello? Intimate greeting (sister, with a small baby to come! Aunt, the rest will be!).

greeting is to vary from person to person, different people need different ways, I hope everyone in the store to pay more attention, and now should know how to greet customers to greet it? When greeting to people at different ages, some consumers also need to adopt different alternative greeting methods, these methods are able to produce different effect on different consumers.

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