mprove restaurant traffic need to grasp five points

opened a restaurant franchise to improve the flow of people is a topic of concern to everyone, especially for some inexperienced entrepreneurs, more need to master some skills, let us understand, improve the restaurant traffic need to master five, sales of   =    × traffic;   customer price; can be achieved by several methods:

A, adjust store Business Hours

the reasonable arrangement of the existing human, staff scheduling work; to supplement the breakfast blank, make full use of time for breakfast; 1, the production of products need good time management, for example: every raw material and product quantity is can estimate a safe constant number out, through each the amount of time, can be prepared before the advent of semi-finished raw materials at the peak, the peak of the meal can be used in the above human centralized customer service; as the saying goes: good steel used in the blade! 2, in the whole process of the work to form a low peak period of concentrated preparation, cleaning, the peak concentration of customers products and services of circular connection; 3, at the same time, as the management personnel should always supervise staff productivity and help each other, although each post has been located, but There is some connection between the post and cooperative relations, so in the whole operation process, the administrator is the role of coordination, inspection, guidance and help; so as to establish a high understanding of the team; the customer can quickly and accurately get the desired product status at any time, so that every customer into the store not because the product the problem of leaving; at the same time we maximize the sale to


two and lower in the afternoon peak period

for this factor, proposed the adjustment of product structure, leisure food and tea drinks in the afternoon time; originally the store environment suitable for non production of leisure and business negotiations and other activities, make full use of existing hardware resources, software resources and play effectiveness; suggestions for store posters, guide the customer understanding of Chinese fast food the shop is not only early and late meals to fill the belly so simple, but can be casual comfortable place together;

three, ordering the clerk and a cashier in verbal promotions

It is very important for

1, a meal, they decided to sales of products every day, the customers point product purchase, acting as a guide role in the process of promotion can be said to be the best and the best time, when customers misserved certain products in the product structure, employees can timely sell, for example: our product mix by rice noodles, cold dishes, drinks, etc. the string class, if the customer is not recommended.

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