How about opening an English class

is now a lot of people have a business plan and ideas, but it is not enough to understand the market, I do not know whether such entrepreneurial ideas can help to the actual action. Because of this, many people will make entrepreneurship indecisive, for a long time to act. Well, how about an English class? Let Xiaobian take you together to analyze this business opportunity to see if you are worthy to make such a business choice.

market analysis

how about an English class? The market is not big? With the increase of international business, the white-collar workers must improve their abilities, especially the ability to use English as a tool. White collar English (foreign language) training hot is a major reason for the hot market.

investment analysis

according to a class of 50 students to calculate the standard. Need to be equipped with a professional teacher and a spacious classroom. Most of the professional teachers from the University invited lecturer, ordinary fee is 100 yuan / hour, Professor fee is generally 200 yuan / hour, every time the training time is two hours, a training cycle is calculated in accordance with the 15 curriculum, so teachers’ salary is 3000 – 6000 yuan.

can rent a classroom to all types of schools, usually about 100 yuan a month, then the venue rental fee of 15× 100=1500 yuan. Practitioners wages fixed at 1200 yuan / month, a training cycle of $three, the cost of employees wages of $3600, the management of wages of 2000 yuan / month, the wage cost of $6000.

successful operation of a training institution, not only teachers and the cost of the site is so simple, but also need more investment. Open an English training class, other costs are estimated as: advertising costs 2000 yuan, the management fee of $1000, the other costs of $2000. The cost of a training cycle is about 17100 – $20100.

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