Lotus ten brands list

lotus a diet as the market is very important, because the cool, but also delicious, so loved by a lot of people, but also because of the increasing demand, so that the market currently has a lot of brands. Here, the small series to introduce the ten major brands of lotus seed list, so that people can make a better choice in this industry according to the list.

lotus ten brands list of Xuan lotus: Wuyi County, Liucheng Pinglian Xuan Tong native business department, lotus lotus Tong, ten brands, one of the three famous Chinese Lian Xuan Lotus brand, Wuyi Xuan Ping Liu town famous specialty, known as "a flat, fertile soil Xuan gold palace white lotus" name.

lotus ten brand list: Fujian Wen Jian lotus Xinlian industry Limited by Share Ltd, built lotus, lotus ten brands, began in 1985, the famous trademark of Fujian Province, Fujian province famous brand products, high-tech enterprises, with lotus industry as the core, scientific research, production, supply and marketing and entertainment in a body comprehensive intensive full the type of industrial chain key state enterprises.

lotus ten brand list: Hubei Yumi Yumi Food Co. Ltd., lotus ten brand, founded in 1999, the famous trademark of Hubei Province, the agricultural industry of agricultural and sideline products production, processing and sales of well-known enterprises.

lotus ten brand list: Hunan lilizhen lilizhen lotus Co. Ltd., ten Lotus brand, famous brand in Hunan Province, Hunan province famous brand products, high-tech enterprises, leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization in Hunan, China large lotus products processing trade enterprises, many domestic and foreign well-known enterprises designated Lian Rong, moon cake lotus seed suppliers.

lotus ten brands list in Ye Bailian: Jiande City Lotus Leaf Development Co. Ltd., ten Lotus brand, Zhejiang famous trademark, brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou city agricultural leading enterprises, in order to pass the heart lotus, and provide the science and technology enterprises, the lotus seed before and technology services to the entire process of postpartum liannong.

lotus ten brand list: Jiangxi wins long million Food Co. Ltd., long million, lotus ten brand, famous brand China space lotus Lian Guangchang, Fuzhou municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, scientific research, cultivation, acquisition, processing and sales in one of the well-known private model of modern enterprise.

lotus ten brands list of the Minjiang source: Fujian Minjiang source of green industry investment and Development Co. Ltd., lotus ten brands, Fujian province famous trademarks, brand-name products in Fujian, Fujian Province agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, Fujian Province agricultural products processing demonstration enterprises, in the production and sale of health beverage and frozen organic agricultural products high tech venture.


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