Need to consider the competitiveness of new products before listing

all walks of life now is a constant presence of new brands, these brands want to enter the market, it is necessary in the original fierce market to open up a path of their own. Moreover, with the cigarette brands into the regional market access threshold is getting lower and lower, the white hot competition between brands is inevitable. When we were on the list of all brands, from high to low, the price levels are densely gathered numerous brands, these brands in the regional market, in order to achieve their own economic interests and objectives and for always.

in all competitive brands, we can easily find a specific group, they also want to squeeze into their own set of market segments, make a difference, these brands are new. Their market injection, the regional market, perhaps a reshuffle, perhaps just a flash in the pan. However, in the face of the consumer market has been the trend of homogenization is concerned, would like to enter the market, standing in the heel is not easy, it is necessary to weigh their own competitiveness.

The elements of a

brand competitiveness in marketing is defined as "4P", that is, the price of products (product) (price), channel (place), promotion (promotion), as a new product, is no exception, the following detailed description:


as the core of the market, the product should be the most important. Not a quality product, any marketing behavior is an empty talk. Of course, as a brand competitiveness elements, our definition of the product is not limited to the quality of the product, but the positioning of market segments, product selling, or easy to be submerged in the vast army of brand.

before the new cigarette market, we can weigh the brand in what areas are special, packaging, taste, or the brand itself has the connotation. On the packaging, generally pay more attention to the brand style and color and other content, for example, the pursuit of fresh customers love the packing of the products with novelty, fashion pursuit of customers with the same love of cigarette packaging and so on. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the product to a specific consumer demands, so as to bring the success rate of brand recommendations.

like esse brand, he according to the characteristics of the product to obtain the mint, consumer market segments; and (50) of the Mount Huangshan market, rely on the visibility of the brand of other specifications in the market to obtain market linkage effects brought by demand. In some cases, we can often see the launch of a brand is very low-key, but after a period of smelting, it was completely covered, it is get in by every opening, because this brand in this product has special >

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