Promotion skills of leisure drinks

successfully joined a casual drinks store, to provide consumers with more services, market opportunities. But it is not easy to do casual drinks shop, the owner must grasp the promotion of casual drinks shop skills, this is the guarantee of success and prosperity.



for high-end residential residents, can be in the vicinity of the shopping mall parking lot, to have a family car delivery exquisite advertising single page (DM) and small gifts, single page can also be made in the form of coupons.

: Service Marketing

establishing membership card system. Print the name of the member. Membership card discount rate is not high, such as 5% off. On the one hand, it can give consumers a sense of respect, on the other hand, but also to facilitate the attendant for the consumer’s address. Especially if the consumer and others together, and the waiter can call him (her) for the president, miss, they will feel very respected.

the personalized service. Put some promotional material on the table, the content is about the knowledge of coffee, stories, etc., on the one hand can enhance the taste, foil atmosphere, but also to increase consumer sentiment for the brand.

When the

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