nvestment shops need to master communication skills

investment shop, face to face with the customer, will inevitably cause some misunderstanding due to improper speech, affecting the business. If you want to learn more about communication skills. Many successful operators share their experience, let’s take a look at it.

A, think before you speak

in our process and communication, often because the words of others caused displeasure, so to avoid saying the wrong thing. And the best way is not to say that sentence. In order to avoid inappropriate criticism, before you say anything, think about what you want to say and what to say. Many people often outspoken, did not think his sharp words may harm to others. So you can’t speak without the brain. Before you say anything, think about it. "What do I think if people say that to me?". In many cases, if you can take the time to look for the sake of others, you will not say the wrong thing, others caused displeasure.

two, a

immediately apologized

three, is communication, not the debate competition

four, pick the right opportunity to speak

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