Xiamen high temperature subsidy insurance as long as the temperature to 36 degrees to obtain compens

hot summer is coming, many places are about to enter the barbecue mode. Faced with the advent of high temperatures, a lot of local insurance companies introduced a high temperature subsidies. In Xiamen, for example, as long as the temperature to 36 degrees to obtain compensation of $3. The following and small details of the specific understanding of the report.

high temperature days over 3 days premium can earn back

in these years out of the strange insurance, many of them are mainly based on gimmicks, can insist on not much, high-temperature insurance can be regarded as a.

this summer, including insurance, Yongcheng property insurance and many other insurance firms have launched a personal high cost of living allowance insurance products – high insurance. And last year’s insurance is not the same, this time does not take into account the number of high temperature days of high temperature, as long as the temperature exceeds the insurance company agreed with the customer standards, customers will be able to receive high subsidies from the insurance company.

it is understood that the insurance guarantee period from July 1st to August 31st, agreed the temperature of 35 DEG to 39 DEG C, but each city the compensation temperature is slightly different, such as Shenzhen and Chengdu city 35 degrees from Beijing, Guangzhou lost 37 C franchise. The protection period, as long as the user where the city’s temperature is greater than or equal to the prescribed temperature, high temperature allowance of 3 yuan to Zhong An insurance to provide 5 yuan / day.

to Xiamen, for example, each to buy a high temperature subsidy insurance, as long as the temperature to 36 degrees, you can get a compensation of $3, that is, as long as the number of days of high temperature more than 3 days, the basic premium can earn back. And in accordance with the provisions of Yong Cheng insurance, each person can buy up to 20 copies of high temperature insurance, a maximum of $3000 per person.

High subsidies

sales insurance Zhong An insurance is taken by the purchase of suning.com appliance extended warranty will give way. Yongcheng insurance and high-temperature insurance sales in Xiamen only meow treasure platform to sell 30 copies, while Ping An insurance heatstroke on the Taobao platform this month sales performance is 28.

compared with the past, this time the insurance company jointly developed by the National Weather Service weather index insurance underwriting system, to achieve the weather index insurance pricing, underwriting, payment of the entire automation. The applicant to obtain payment method is also very simple, because the insurance company data and Meteorological Bureau synchronization, so the user does not need to provide any proof of claims, as long as the micro signal real name, and pay attention to the corresponding public number, encounter hot weather, you can receive subsidies paid by WeChat.

heat stroke risk also appeared at the death of Kim up to 500 thousand

in addition to high temperature insurance, this year, the insurance company has developed a high temperature stroke insurance. To Taobao insurance platform sales of Ping An insurance high temperature heat stroke insurance, for example, the production recommended

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