Per capita income in Shenzhen ranked ninth is true

Shenzhen in China as a new rise of the city, the rapid development, quickly transformed from a small fishing village into an international metropolis. But the latest statistics show that Shenzhen’s per capita income in the country only ninth, is this true?

according to the National Bureau of Statistics recently released in 2015 the national per capita disposable income of urban residents, Shanghai and Beijing led the major cities. Beijing to 52859 yuan in the first place, with the gap of only $103 in Shanghai.

it is worth noting that, in the top five, in addition to Beijing, the remaining four cities are located in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Ningbo. In contrast, several major cities in the Pearl River Delta to dim a lot. The highest Guangzhou ranked 46735 in and Shenzhen in the top ninth. Another two manufacturing cities in Foshan and Dongguan are more than 39700 yuan, and Suzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo, Wenzhou have a larger gap.

why several cities in the Pearl River Delta will lag behind? Expert analysis, on the one hand, the Yangtze River Delta city’s household population accounted for a larger proportion, while the Pearl River Delta cities accounted for a larger proportion of the resident population. In addition, the Pearl River Delta private economy developed, relatively low-key, not rich, such as rental housing, shops and other property income is difficult to reflect in the statistical data.

do you have any other ideas about Shenzhen’s per capita income of ninth? Which city are you in? What is your city’s per capita income? If you have any questions in mind, you are welcome to consult in time!

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