Hutchison pie joined what conditions need to be met the whole

food and beverage industry, and the characteristics of the pie in the name of the distinctive brand counterparts. And remember to join the project is a lot of investors are more optimistic about the investment brand, then the brand how to join? What need to meet the conditions?

and the pie have different flavors and flavors. A: black pepper beef, Fried Lamb with Cumin, meat sauce, spicy chicken, pork, mushrooms, spicy squid, teriyaki chicken, assorted jam, Tatar meal, spicy heart-shaped etc.. Small investment venture, and remember pie is a good choice. Everyone has to eat, pie is loved by the people, so the market is there, but also very broad. So how do you remember the pie?

and pie join conditions:

1, honest and good interpersonal skills;

2, can bear hardships and stand hard work and a good attitude;

3, dedicated to the development of the industry;

4, y understand and highly agree with eye opening brand management philosophy and mode of operation;

5, have certain economic strength and business, management, coordination ability;

6, any investment risks, investment risk awareness.

and Hutchison join process:

1, through the online message and electricity to understand the project information;

2, to visit the headquarters / visit stores / confirmation project;

3, signed a franchise contract;

4, headquarters to assist site selection, inspection and evaluation;

5, store decoration design / headquarters guidance construction;

6, personnel recruitment training / certificate processing / equipment commissioning;

7, logistics distribution / steering operation /

8, officially opened.

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